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Protect the health of the people you love: manage, plan, and coordinate caregiving with the user-friendly Monarcares app and web-based system. Quick and easy mobile sign-up. Organize and access health information and important documents, all in one place. Get reminders for doctors’ appointments and prescriptions. Share information, at your discretion, with other members of your caring community—family, doctors, in-home service providers, or other caregivers. Consolidate your health apps, and keep your family health data organized. Monarcares is secure (with 256-bit encryption) and private.

Because information is vital for caregiving, Monarcares helps you store and access important information and documents, wherever and whenever you need them. Upload files from your computer, or scan documents using the camera on your mobile device. Manage and update the information you need, including:
– Emergency information for first responders;
– Contact information for doctors and other caregivers;
– Medical history, test results, current medications, and allergies;
– Insurance information;
– Legal documents, such as military discharge papers, Powers of Attorney (POAs), Living Wills / Advance Directives; and
– Financial health documents for estate planning (wills, codicils, life insurance policies, etc.).

Because caregiving needs change every day, Monarcares helps you keep track of daily tasks and ongoing needs by providing:
– Doctor appointment reminders;
– Reliable medication reminders;
– Timely prescription refill alerts;
– Resources for financial monitoring; and
– Journal entries for tracking things such as blood sugar.

And because caregiving is often a team effort, Monarcares helps you coordinate with the other people taking care of your loved one. Features that provide easy communication between multiple caregivers include:
– Group calendars;
– Shared contacts; and
– Multiple users (with limited permissions: for example, you could let an in-home caregiver create health journal entries and see certain medical information, but not have access to other documents).

Finally, Monarcares connects you to further resources for self help. These include resources in your community, as well as online discussion boards where you can browse, search, and post questions and comments about your experience caring for your loved ones. We can also connect you with confidential expert advice, so you can get answers to questions you might be afraid to ask.

Monarcares is also integrating our service with medical alert / personal emergency response services, so you can coordinate features such as check location and fall prevention/response into your Monarcares experience.

By the way, Monarcares is not just for geriatric caregiving. Any parent, child, friend, or partner you are caring for—even yourself!—can benefit from the Monarcares system. Veterans and wounded warriors face special challenges in caregiving, as do those coping with Alzheimer’s and dementia, HIV/AIDS, physical or mental handicaps, and other special needs.

Take control and gain peace of mind: help your parents age in place, manage home care, and track chronic conditions. Long-term, rehabilitative, and transitional geriatric care is complex and delicate work—Monarcares makes information management and coordination easier, so you can focus on caring for your loved ones.

If you need further help or have questions, we are happy to assist you. After all, we exist to make your caregiving work easier! Please feel free to email us at or call us Monday-Friday, 9AM to 5PM EST at (910) 509-7200.


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